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We’re pretty darn sure that if you’re like us, your Artistic careers have been anything but a smooth ride. Heck until recently, paying attention to “Real World” issues was not even on our radar. Although it took us awhile, we now see the immense importance of having a Life Plan & Business Plan…..Oh yes, can you even imagine that there are ABSOLUTE structures, rules, and methods that “reality” demands of Artists? Not me you say....think again

Once we committed ourselves to the goal of Living Our Dreams, surrounded ourselves with a business TEAM that has given us structured guidelines (a blueprint) to build a solid business foundation. It's made ALL the difference.  Check out our Blog Posts and Article Archives and let us know what you think!  If you need a boost, our Content team is on call!

We feel so fortunate that we’d like to share these thoughts with you..............


GET IT TOGETHER (goal setting & getting organized)

BRANDING's NO JOKE (you being you)

CONTENT IS KING (if you ain’t got it, you’d better get it)

GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS (Plans, Licenses, Taxes & more)

COVER UR AZZ (how to protect your work)

REALITIES OF SOCIAL MEDIA (how to handle the tsunami of information)


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