Beaver Full moon partial eclipse in Taurus by: Voice of Astrology

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OURFAV Astrologer Charis with Voice of Astrology (in our rockstar opinion) says it better than anyone! She knows the sky & has really taught us how to listen to
the Power of The Cosmos.

On Nov. 19 2021 say hello to the Beaver Moon lunar eclipse!
But KhulaRae...What the heck does that mean??

Watch this video below to get your Astrology Guidance now!
Charis gives us planetary planning strategies to ensure that these next few days will be a success! The sky doesn't lie. 🌟 

Don't forget to share this link with a friend :) The moon is powerful and can bring upon intensified emotions...if we are in "the dark" about it, then that can just feel scary. Don't fear the moon and its power, use it.

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This partial eclipse is the perfect time to go inward
self care = self love 
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