Everything we do, we have learned to do w/ Oprah Winfrey & Neuroscientist Bruce Perry, MD, PhD

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Learning is everything.

"As humans, we have few or no true instincts. Everything we do, we have learned to do, from walking to programming complex computer systems. Philosophers, educators, and many others have been talking about the nature of learning since the earliest days of recorded history, and probably even before that."ย -lifehack

Oprah Winfrey and leading child psychiatrist and neuroscientist Bruce Perry, MD, PhD explore theย 
impact of childhood trauma on who we become, the decisions we make, and how healing must start with one question 'what happened to you?'ย in anticipation of a new co-authored book of the same name. Winfrey and Dr. Perry focus on understanding how shifting the approach to trauma and allowing understanding of the past allows for an opening of the door to resilience and healing in a proven, powerful way.

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