Quickest way to get CENTERED - Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini yoga is often called the โ€œyoga of inner awakening."

This is one of OURFAV quick and easy, yet highly powerful and effective things we do when we need to center ourselves. Never would have thought we would be doing it alongside Russell Brand, but hey we also didn't even know what the word Kundalini was two years ago... and now we can't even fathom how we could ever live without it.. soo stranger things have happened. Enjoy fncker.

Kundalini yoga is said to help activate energy that is dormant at the base of the spine until it is channeled upward through the chakras using breathe, guided intention, and movement.

This practice is about being able to connect to yourย higher selfย which in turn can create more strength, clarity, and wisdom so that you can build the life that YOU deserve.

Kundalini Yoga also gives you more specific benefits such as increased flexibility, expanded lung capacity, a stronger core region, and stress release.

10 Amazing Benefits of Kundalini Yoga
  1. Develop inner guidance
  2. Increased vitality and wellbeing
  3. Deep connection
  4. Live mindfully
  5. Increased positive energy
  6. Control your thoughts and emotions
  7. Control and reduce stress
  8. Kundalini yoga is perfect for the modern day person
  9. Connect with like-minded people
  10. Increased spiritual connection

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