Wake Up ๐ŸŒž | Rockstar Routine

wake up, turn the selenite lamp on, light blessings candle in bathroom, draw a warm bath, smudge to cleanse the energy set intention and open your lungs with the eucalyptus sage, pour a little bit of the coconut milk bath in the bath,ย wake up with espresso focus and empower body scrub, practice gratitude out loud in bath, get out of bath and immediately spray on organic rose water facial spray, apply all natural sensitive skin cream all over body, cozy up and throw on matching intuitive rockstar set and the be yourself tee, now that we are warm steezyย and the rose water mist has settled, apply blue velvet facial serum to hydrate and recharge face, apply citrus all natural essential oil aromatherapy to neck and wrists toย wake the f up after the chill a$$ bath, now it's time to get the mind right time by meditating with sound and writing (view rockstar meditation)