Our Story

We are KhulaRae (Sara Khula & Natalie Rae) The Intuitive Rockstars
a Californian indie/alt/pop music duo +
in love, life, & advocates of intuitive artistry <3

Sara and Natalie had known of one another since attending the same high school but had never officially met. Ten years later when a mutual friend told them to work with one another, they took a leap of faith and decided to finally meet up. The night of their first encounter was like no other.

 “We awoke one another’s soul, in ways no one had ever done before. It was that “aha” moment knowing that we had finally found our missing pieces.” - KhulaRae. 

The two instantly connected and played music like they had known each other their whole lives, and have been inseparable ever since. Their love is pure but they have also been through a lot of darkness in their 4 year relationship (Sara battling medullary thyroid cancer, financial hardship, losing Sara’s dad to stage 4 pancreatic cancer at the first part of covid, and Natalie losing her job of eight years), and all in all they have pushed through life with a positive and light filled perspective.

“After facing cancer head on we became huge advocates of a new type of Rockstar lifestyle; one that lets you live out your dreams through intuitive artistry & positive alignment of the mind, body, spirit, & earth. 🤘🏽🌵 

We are one year alcohol free, 2 years free of Cancer. and we JUST launched the brand of our dreams. 4 years this would have sounded crazy to us, but here we are.. feeling stronger and more intuitive than ever.”

Sara & Natalie know how lucky they are to have one another, and vow to live every day giving back love and appreciation by sharing their their experiences through the music. 

“Now it’s time to record our album. We are beyond ready to travel and perform our stories on every stage, to then inspire someone else to do the same. Dreams do come true.” 


instagram & tik tok: @khularae & @intuitiverockstar